Why locate in Bhutan?

The Final Frontier Opportunity

On the north-eastern border of India, Bhutan is the last English speaking country in the world to launch a BPO industry. Bhutan offers significant benefits over other offshoring destinations in the region and elsewhere as well as a trained and trainable workforce which is highly available with little contention for talent. For BPOs, the opportunity is obvious and for companies considering expanding their network of offshore offices, the following attributes should place Bhutan high on the list of locations for consideration.

Lower Cost

The facility costs are lower with excellent, business-grade internet and broad access to available talent and skills.

English Speaking

English is an official language and the administrative language of Government, making Bhutan the new offshore destination of choice with the most available English-speaking workforce. Education is free for all Bhutanese and English is taught in all schools from the first year until the end of high school.


A firmly established democratic political environment, stable currency and steadily growing economy provide excellent stability for any business.

Immune from Environmental Risks

Bhutan is a pure and pristine environment and the only country in the world to be carbon neutral. There is no risk of flooding, typhoons, monsoons or earthquakes making operational stability excellent and Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Planning simpler and less expensive.

Government Support

Bhutan welcomes BPOs and foreign locators along with excellent departmental support. The incentives are the most attractive in the region and among the most extensive available anywhere.

IT or ITES companies located at Thimphu TechPark may avail, subject to approval:

  • A tax holiday of ten years is available to qualifying businesses operating within the Thimphu TechPark and exporting 80% of their services.
  • Importation of capital goods forming direct inputs for IT/ITES companies are exempted from customs duty and sales tax.
  • Exemption from TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) for the duration of the Tax Holiday.
  • 100% foreign equity participation
  • Flexibility to obtain investment capital globally
  • Export earnings in convertible currency is exempted from tax.

Ease of Doing Business

Bhutan is a corruption-free business environment with a well-regarded and supportive government.

Strong Work Ethic

The gentle Buddhist culture of Bhutanese combined with fewer local employment opportunities than neighbouring countries makes for an engageable workforce.

A six-day Work Week

The standard working week in Bhutan is six days, which provides BPOs and locators with a further twenty percent gain on labour costs compared to many competing locations.