Association Profile

The Bhutan Industry Association for Business Process Outsourcing (BIABPO) is the promotional and coordinating body for the BPO industry in Bhutan. It facilitates business and trade in BPO services.

The primary role of BIABPO is to act as a catalyst for the growth of the BPO industry in Bhutan. Other goals include facilitation of trade and business services, propagation of education and employment, contributing to the growth of the Bhutanese economy and providing compelling business benefits to domestic and global businesses.

The BIABPO is an informal group of stakeholders with a shared interest in the delivery of the BIABPO mission and the realisation of its vision.


Businesses everywhere are wrestling with exceptionally demanding situations: financial uncertainty, market complexity, hyper-opposition, changing customer expectations, disruptive technologies and regulatory pressures.
Offshoring and outsourcing have potential to relieve some of that presssure and Bhutan offers arguably the best opportunity for a mix of the atttributes which business seek – lower costs, better output and ready access to talent, best practices and technology.
BIABPO is your partner in connecting your business to the service community in Bhutan.


To facilitate the growth of the BPO/BPM industry in Bhutan.

To serve our stakeholders, who are

  • Global Businesses
    • To provide easy access to young talent in last English speaking country to open up BPO services to the world.
  • BPO Service Providers
    • To assist our provider members with marketing, quality development, technology and readiness for markets and industries.
  • Bhutan and its people
    • To create new and sustainable export jobs in Bhutan for Bhutanese which provide rewarding careers, learning opportunities, self-esteem and liveable incomes for employees and families.
    • Empower the Bhutanese economy to bring more wealth to the nation.
    • Improve social stability and decentralisation of labour.

To achieve 95% youth employment in Bhutan by the end of 2023.

  1. Developing the best and most available talent for our BPO members and working with them to deliver successful outcomes to their clients.
  2. Understanding our members’ needs and providing excellence in delivery while striving to exceed expectations.
  3. Demonstrating honest and ethical behavior in all of our transaction and interactions.
  4. Developing a culture of continuous improvement, inclusion, and innovation.


1. To improve the quality of life for Bhutanese by:

  • Improving the availability, diversity and quality of professional employment opportunities in Bhutan;

  • Create a nationwide enabling environment for the BPO industry.

  • Promote the Bhutanese BPO industry nationwide and globally.

  • Expand the quantity and quality of the talent pool in Bhutan.

  • Organize regular industry events such as conferences, seminars and workshops on specific BPO related topics at the national and international levels.

  • Creating quality employment opportunities encompassing learning and career growth paths for those without the good fortune to have received a college education;

  • Creating employment within Bhutan so that Bhutanese do not have to leave family, friends, culture and food to work abroad and so that they pay their taxes and spend their salaries within the domestic economy, thereby creating other jobs lower down in the economy;

  • Accelerating the development of the economy by creating jobs and export revenues which does not have to be grown slowly and organically by the domestic economy;

  • Creating a new environmentally friendly export industry for Bhutan;

  • Increase the value of the Ngultrum by hard currencies buying Ngultrums within the domestic banking system;

  • Improving social stability through adequate job opportunities and reduced unemployment and a general sense that “things are improving”;

  • To encourage college education amongst young people and their parents by providing attractive local employment opportunities upon graduation; and

  • Increasing Government tax revenues.

2. To raise the profile, visibility and recognition of the Kingdom of Bhutan and the Bhutanese people in other countries.

  • Foster mutual cultural appreciation and understanding by providing opportunities for Bhutanese to interact with foreigners through their daily work;

  • Establish an industry association for Business Process Outsourcing in Bhutan.

3. To enrich and empower client businesses by:

  • Improving their profitability and financial viability through operational cost reduction;
  • Increasing their dividends to Shareholders;

  • Improving their yields to investors;
  • Improving their ability to resist the entry of foreign competitors into their markets; and

  • Improving their ability to grow by reducing their costs of service delivery.

4. To ensure investors and Shareholders are adequately rewarded for their risk and exertion in forming and operating the business so that it will be sustainable and secure in the long term and operate in accordance with normal commercial principles.