Executive Team

BIABPO is steered by an exceptional team of international executives with a combined decades of management experience in the BPO industry.

Graham Gulliver

President / Mentor / Advisor

Mr. Gulliver is a philanthropist and investor in high-potential tech businesses which have the potential to create skilled jobs in developing countries.

As our President and mentor, he provides an invaluable link to the foreign investment community and a large network of overseas contacts who bring quality office jobs and learning opportunities to our youth.

After a successful and rewarding international career applying technology to business services, he has established Bhutan’s largest BPO and encourages other outsourcing providers to see the benefits and opportunities which Bhutan and its amazing people offer the world.


Executive Director

Kezang is the interim Executive Director of the Bhutan Industry Association for BPO, BIABPO, located at the Thimphu TechPark. He currently consults for an FDI company in Thimphu. 

Kezang has been a public servant, then a management consultant, and a civil society project leader, successfully leading numerous national and international projects and programmes. He played a key role in the successful execution of the Bhutan Private Sector Development Project, of which the Thimphu TechPark infrastructure was the main component.

Kezang holds a Bachelor of Electronics and Communication Engineering degree from the Indian Institute of Technology-Roorkee, India, and a Masters in Communications Management (with distinction) from the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, United Kingdom.


Secretariat, Team Coordinator

Gaga is the Secretariat Coordinator of the BIABPO, tasked with assisting and coordinating the smooth functioning of the association.

Gaga has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Applications. After her graduation, she has served as an IT instructor in different schools imparting computer skills to students. Since 2015, she has been working with an IT/ITES FDI company in Thimphu.

Her mission is to be an excellent team player and contribute to the success of the Bhutan BPO project.

Yeshey Lhamo

Manager, Finance & Administration

Yeshey Lhamo is the Manager for Finance and Administration of the BIABPO located in the Thimphu TechPark.

Yeshey has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Applications and worked for 5 years with the Chiphen Rigpel Project – a national flagship project – of the Royal Government of Bhutan. After successful completion of the project, she joined an FDI company and currently works as a Management Officer and Shift Manager in the same company.

Dilip Kumar Ghimiray

Committee Chair, Industry Development

IT Graduate with more than 5+ years experience as IT faculty under NIIT, a leading Skills and Talent Development Corporation. Under NIIT, Dilip has imparted ICT skills to over 500+ youth and in turn touched the lives of many Bhutanese people.

After the project term, Dilip joined an IT/ITES FDI company located at the Thimphu TechPark and currently works as a Management Officer and Shift Leader in the same company. He is a firm believer in the power of IT/ITES industry to create jobs and transform people’s lives, especially of the youth.

His career ambition is to solve problems in a creative and effective manner in a challenging position.

Trashi Choden

Committee Chair, Ethics Committee

Trashi Choden is the Committee Chair for the Ethics Committee of the BIABPO tasked with steering the reputation of the BPO industry in Bhutan.

Trashi Choden graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. Post graduation, she served as an IT Instructor in different schools and institutes delivering computer knowledge to students and trainees.

Trashi currently works as a Productivity Manager with an FDI company in Thimphu TechPark.

Sonam Choki

Committee Chair, Talent Development

Sonam Choki is the Committee Chair for the Talent Development Committee of the BIABPO tasked with serving the association’s mission of developing the nation’s talent for the BPO industry in Bhutan.

Gaden Lhendup

Committee Chair, Legislative Committee

Gaden Lhendup is the Committee Chair for the Legislative Committee of the BIABPO tasked with advocating changes or retention of government policies and mandates which are relevant to the association’s mission for the BPO industry in Bhutan.

Gaden joined an FDI company at Thimphu TechPark a few years ago and currently works as a Shift Leader in the same company. He has a Bachelors in Computer Application.

Gaden’s objective in life is to take up a challenging career where he can exploit his knowledge and skills to benefit the company and pursue further knowledge keeping abreast of developments in technologies for any future challenges.