The association conducts several programs in the pursuit of its mission, which currently include:

Talent Development Program

The Talent Development Program trains Bhutanese youth in computer, service and cultural skills to empower them to succeed in the industry and in their service to their BPO employers and the clients.


Investor Due Diligence Program

The Investor Due Diligence Program assists clients with an assessment and due diligence of the opportunity presented by Bhutan. The program includes valuable insights as well as statistical and market data which are relevant to an informed decision on locating in Bhutan.


Offshoring Readiness Program

For those businesses new to going international, the Offshoring Readiness Program assists clients with an assessment of the state of preparedness of their business to set up an offshore office. The program provides valuable insights and an assessment of financial and other gains which might be achieved.

Bhutan is a highly competitive offshoring destination and the last English speaking country on earth without a fully developed BPO industry. We know the labor market and the best locations for your needs.


Offshore Implementation Program “Bhutan-ease”

The Offshore Implementation Program assists clients with the establishment of their location within Bhutan, with either their chosen BPO partner or independently establishing an office of their own.

Depending on client needs, the Program either facilitates introductions to member BPO companies or conducts RFPs on behalf of intending locators.