Welcome to the Bhutan Industry Association for Business Process Outsourcing.

BIABPO is an informal association of BPO/BPM industry stakeholders in Bhutan.

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Why is Bhutan an emerging offshore services location?

On the north-eastern border of India, Bhutan is the last English speaking country to launch a BPO industry. New entrants are enjoying “green fields” opportunities with little competition for talent and resources.

Bhutan offers significantly lower costs than other offshoring destinations in the region as well as a trained and trainable workforce which is highly available with little contention for talent.

Facility costs are lower with excellent, business-grade internet, subsidised electricity and no need for air conditioning during most of the year.

Broad government support is available for the industry and foreign direct locators with salary subsidies for trainees and ten year tax holidays (subject to approval).

English is an official language and the administrative language of Government, making Bhutan the new offshore destination of choice with the most available English-speaking workforce.