BPO Services available in Bhutan

The Bhutan Industry Association for BPO offers services to

  • BPO industry service providers

  • Suppliers to the BPO industry

  • Clients and potential clients of BPO members

  • Candidates seeking employment in the industry

Bhutan’s BPO sector collectively is delivering the following services to clients. Additionally, the talent pool in Bhutan is capable of delivering other services in line with those generally available from BPOs and throughout the region.

  • Call Center and customer service outsourcing

  • Software development

  • Data entry service

  • Digital marketing

  • Online research

  • Recruitment support services

  • Software testing and quality assurance

  • Data science, analytics and management

  • Finance and accounting services

  • Graphic design and pre-print

  • Image manipulation

  • Audio, image and video editing

  • Project management and consultancy

  • Seat leasing and office subleasing services

  • Business and knowledge process management services

  • Workforce Management (WFM) services

  • Research and analysis