BIABPO Launch Announcement

The President, Board of Trustees and Secretariat of the Bhutan Industry Association for Business Process Outsourcing (BIABPO) is pleased to announce the establishment of the Association in Thimphu TechPark, as a voice and coordinating body in support of Bhutan’s BPO industry stakeholders.

The BIABPO Mission is to expand the nascent BPO industry in Bhutan, to create new and sustainable jobs for Bhutanese youth; to empower the Bhutanese economy by bringing more wealth to the nation by creating a substantial new export industry; and, to improve social stability and decentralization of employment opportunities.

The BIABPO Vision is to create 2,000 new permanent direct jobs in Bhutan by the end of 2023.

BIABPO has launched its official website at

As part of the BIABPO launch, we are inviting prospective companies/organizations to become one of a small number of Founding Members of the BIABPO. Founding membership is available until 31 October 2018 after which new members will still be welcome and will have member status. Members maybe BPOs or foreign locators; Associate Members may be any business or organisation which has an interest in the BPO industry or is a potential supplier to industry participants.

More details about the BIABPO are available here or you can email the BIABPO secretariat to discuss how being a BIABPO member or associate member can be of real value to you.

The Secretariat seeks the kind cooperation of all stakeholders in achieving our mission and putting Bhutan on the global BPO map.