Within this policy, we would like to inform you about what purpose and to what extent we collect your personal information while using our website and other digital channels that the Bhutan Industry Association for Business Process Outsourcing (hereinafter “BIABPO”) are in control of.

The terms of this policy is valid from 1st September 2018 and until further notice. This policy will be reviewed at least once a year, whereas any affected individuals that has their personal information processed by BIABPO will be contacted and informed about any changes made to this policy.

For further questions regarding this policy, processing of personal information or having your personal information updated or corrected, please contact us at Secretariat@bpo.bt or visit our website at www.bpo.bt.

Processing of Personal Information
For us to be able to answer certain questions or fulfilling a request from you, certain personal information must be provided such as name, address, company, email or phone number. The information you provide us with is used to process your requests and/or to fulfill the service or information you have requested.

We also process data that have been registered automatically during your visit as well as information collected from our website that requires interaction.

How long will the Personal Information be stored?
We store your personal information as long as it is necessary to provide you with our services or if we decide there is another legitimate reason for longer storage.

The right to store your personal information is based on the right of legitimate interest.

Legitimate interest is based on that we will only communicate with you in your professional role and keep you informed based on one of the purposes below.


  • Keep you informed by email as we add new posts or news to our website and social media accounts.
  • Inform you about the activities and events that might interest you.
  • Contact you with the help you have requested.
  • Contact you about recruitment if you have applied to work with us or one of our members.

Marketing and Promotion
By accepting this policy, you also agree that BIABPO can use your personal information to contact you or your organization for marketing and promotion purposes. The purpose of this is to enhance the experience and optimize the quality of our services. If you, for any reason, wish not to receive any marketing and promotion communication, please contact us with the subject that you do not wish to be contacted with any promotional purposes by sending an email to Secretariat@bpo.bt or visit www.bpo.bt.

Your Rights as a Personal Information Provider
We only store the information that we need according to the purposes described above. As a personal information provider, you always have the right to:

  • Take note of the information we store about you and your organization,
  • Change or update the information we store,
  • Have your information deleted and forgotten, and
  • Have your information stored but no longer linked to you as a person.

You also have the right to get information about infringements in our data records by email from us.

If you require assistance or to be informed about your rights you can contact us by sending an email to Secretariat@bpo.bt or visit www.bpo.bt.

BIABPO wants you to feel safe when providing us with your personal information. Therefore, we take all reasonable precautions to make sure your personal information is safe. Your personal information will never be sold or transferred to other parties for other purposes than specified in this policy.

Additional Privacy Terms or Notices
In addition to this Privacy Policy Notice, there may be specific campaigns or promotions which will be governed by additional privacy terms or notices. We encourage you to read these additional terms or notices before participating in any such campaigns or promotions as you will be required to comply with them if you participate. Any additional privacy terms or notices will be made prominently available to you.